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The Strategy Games unblocked are the challenging and complex games to play which involves proper planning ahead so as to win the game.Most of the unblocked Strategy Games are set during the war times and they are mainly popular for its settings inspired by the bygone era.Being the gamer you need to command and direct your military forces and troops in the game with proper planning or you need to take your troops in the real-life based scenarios.They are fun-filled and interesting to play and you need to take many tactical decisions and also make strategic planning to last longer and stay glued to the screen for hours.Strategy Games encourage the players to spend time plotting and scheming to achieve domination in the world and taste the sweetness of victory.You can expand your empire and become an unstoppable player and also take charge of the tower defense and ensure no enemies can invade your territory and make it through.Most of the unblocked games are easy to understand, but not all kids are allowed to play them.There are free Strategy Games online that are packed with actions and are about military powers.You will be experiencing some of the violent things in the games.