Game description

Proxy Wars – Armored Operations unblocked version, have fun online with tanks

How to play

Your player color is blue while the enemy is always represented in red.You start with the screen centered on your main base with 2 units available. You have a radar screen on the bottom left to indicate enemy movement, which can also be used to quickly navigate within the map. There are several light and heavy factories scattered around the map. Capture them as quickly as possible!Units:To select a unit, simply click on it.To move a selected unit double click on the position to move to.To move multiple units at once: first select a unit, then choose Group Nearby, then move.To group units, other units need to be within the range radius of the current selected unit.Factories:To capture factories, just move your units close to it. Commandos (jeeps) are ideal for this purpose.Click on a captured factory to select it then choose the unit type to build on the right side. Production time is shown above the factory.Factries produce new units continuously

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