Christmas Catcher

Christmas Catcher Unblocked

Christmas Catcher is the new HTML5 based arcade game where the roof of Santa goes down and players need to help Santa picking up all the gifts. But ensure not to pick the pieces of the roof.

The game is an HTML5 based browser game that is playable on multiple browsers and devices.

In the game, there will be several Christmas Gifts which players need to collect and ensure to pick as many as you can in the game as the pieces of the roof falling down.

Help the character of the Santa in the Christmas Catcher unblocked game to catch the gifts while avoiding the pieces of the roof to succeed. Collecting the pieces of roof in the game would lead to a loss of points and hence you need to avoid it.

The game is about collecting the gifts falling from Santa’s house while avoiding the pieces of the roof. The more gifts you collect, the more points you score in the level.